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Shadaj Series


Shadaj is a series of musical get-togethers. These get-togethers can be concerts, lectures, or group singing. The content will evolve depending on where the participating community would like to take it. We welcome you to attend Shadaj Series events. Please join the DMIA mailer to be notified of upcoming events.

Shadaj Series is also a platform – anyone wanting to get  involved in organizing Indian Classical Music related events and get-togethers is welcome to use this platform.  To join and help, please see volunteering information at the bottom of this page.

Shadaj Series Schedule

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events in Shadaj Series. For upcoming Dhrupad Days, please see - Dhrupad Days 2018

Past Events

For past events in Shadaj Series, please see  - Past Events

Dhrupad Days

Seattle is one of the locations for Dhrupad Days, DMIA’s signature annual festival. Dhrupad Days 2018 Seattle is May 18-27, and we welcome you to join. This year, we are doing something special – we are hosting a week long Shibir, in a location that is in nature a bit away from the city. Please visit the Dhrupad Days page for details.

Mailing list

To jon the Seattle Chapter mailing list, and be informed of upcoming events, please click here.


DMIA’s Seattle Chapter provides opportunities to participate and help bring great Indian Classical Music to our region.  To join the Seattle Chapter as a volunteer, please request to join the mailer by clicking here.


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