Travel information

For those traveling to Seattle, welcome! This city is beautiful and we are happy you are coming. Please find below information helpful for travel.

Cornish College Workshop

Workshop location

Music Department
Kerry Hall
710 East Roy St., Seattle, WA 98102

There is no lodging provided for the Cornish College Workshop. However, the workshop location is on Capitol Hill, which has several hotels and bed and breakfasts nearby.

DMIA might be able to provide limited lodging options by connecting attendees over 14 years of age with local host families. To find out more, please use the contact information at the bottom of this page.

DMIA Music Retreat

Lodging information

The DMIA music retreat is at Dibble House, a bed and breakfast which can also lodge DMIA workshop participants. Please see the DMIA workshop sign up form, for details and to book lodging. Hurry, because Dibble House only has 5 rooms.

Airport to Dibble House

Dibble House is connected by Seattle’s Metro bus system, and the bus stop for route 28 is within a couple of blocks.

To get from Seatac airport to Dibble House, the options in order of most to least expensive are:
* Taxi (probably around $50)
* Shuttle
* Transit: Take the link light rail or bus to downtown Seattle, Westlake Center Station and take route 28 to Dibble House. Note: A taxi from downtown Seattle to Dibble House is roughly $18.

Day of Dhrupad only

Day of Dhrupad venue is in Ballard downtown. That is,  it is in the downtown area of the same neighborhood as Dibble House is.

To get to the venue by bus, routes 15,18,17 and 44 all work nicely, as does Seattle Metro’s D line.

Ballard downtown is well connected, and there are several options for lodging, in the Ballard, Phinney or Wallingford neighborhoods of Seattle as well as downtown Seattle.


They say that summer in Seattle begins on July 4th. That is it can still be cool and rainy in July – or it could be spectacularly sunny. So bring a light, water proof jacket. Seattle never gets really hot (average temperature in July ranges from 55F – 75F).  So spring/fall clothing are better suited to Seattle in July than summer clothing.

For additional information, mail or call 206-491-4578.


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