Dhrupad Days 2014

Welcome to Dhrupad Days 2014, the second instance of DMIA’s annual Dhrupad festival.  The festival runs from May 24-May 30, in Seattle.

For sign up information and the detailed schedule, please visit – Detailed schedule page.

Come visit beautiful Seattle over Memorial Day weekend and the week after and participate in a festival that is becoming a “must attend” for Dhrupad lovers.

For lodging information, visit -  Lodging information page.

This year, Dhrupad Days is pleased to offer workshops by Padmashri Pandit Gundecha Brothers,  Dhrupad concerts,  sightseeing and mingling opportunities.



Dhrupad Days 2013 Cornish College Workshop

Dhrupad Days presents two instances each of pakhawaj and singing workshops, with convenient timings. Ragas and compositions covered during each workshop will be different, and each workshop evolves differently based on attendees, so you are encouraged to sign up for both instances.  Both pakhawaj and singing workshops are open to instrumentalists (string, bowed, wind) as well as vocalists.

Workshops taught by Padmashri Gundecha Brothers have emphasis on voice culture and cover many subtle Dhrupad singing and musical techniques. They are extremely well received all over the world, and are of value to beginners and trained musicians alike.

This is a superb opportunity for an in-depth workshop from world renowned artists and teachers,  so regardless of your musical background, do not miss this!!

Videos of workshops taught by Padmashri Pandit Gundecha Brothers:


Concerts and Sightseeing

Cornish Playhouse, Soul of Sound Venue

Dhrupad Days presents a concert by Smt. Nancy Lesh Kulkarni, on the cello, and, “Soul of Sound”,  a grand finale concert by Padmashri Pandit Gundecha Brothers.

Sight see Seattle

Join in for bus and boat tours, see the key sights of Seattle with the artists and festival goers. On the last day of the festival, is a DMIA fund raising dinner, an opportunity for Dhrupad lovers to come together and show their support for the art.


Padmashri Pandits Ramakant and Umakant Gundecha

Pandit Akhilesh Gundecha

Padmashri Pandit Gundecha Brothers
Padmashri Pandit Gundecha Brothers are world renowned artists of Dhrupad. They have established Dhrupad Sansthan, in Bhopal, MP, India, a premier Dhrupad music Institute. They are famous for their high quality workshops, which are conducted all over the world. Pandit Gundecha Brothers were awarded the Padmashri by the President of India in March 2012 for their work in preserving this art.
Please also see – dhrupad.org



Smt. Nancy Kulkarni

Nancy Lesh Kulkarni
Nancy Lesh Kulkarni is a classically-trained cellist who has devoted herself to the study and performance of dhrupad music of India on the cello for the last 30 years. Before pursuing dhrupad, she was Co-Principal Cellist of the Rome Festival Orchestra, and Section Cellist with the Chicago Civic Orchestra, and Orchestra del Maggio Musicale of Florence, Italy.
Please also see – dhrupadcello.com


For planning purposes, it helps to think of the festival in 3 sections:

1) Memorial Day Weekend (May 24-26)
2) 3 days following Memorial Day (May 27-29)
3) Finale Friday (May 30)

The first two sections both have pakhawaj and singing workshops. If  you are able to, it is valuable to attend both sections. This allows for attending  one instance of the  singing workshop, and one instance of the  pakhawaj workshop. Or, it allows for attending either workshop twice. It works nicely to attend twice because each workshop evolves differently based on attendees. Ragas, talas and compositions covered in each instance will be different, and attending both serves to reinforce learning.

A consideration is that Memorial Day Weekend workshops are during the day, and the workshops in the 3 days following Memorial Day are in the evenings.

If time is tight, and only attending one section is possible, those attending workshops over Memorial Day Weekend have the opportunity of attending Smt. Nancy Lesh Kulkarni’s cello concert. Those attending the evening workshops over 3 days following Memorial Day, have very nice sightseeing opportunities. And, those staying or coming just for  Friday, the final day,  have the opportunity to attend Gundecha Brothers “Soul of Sound” concert,  as well as dinner with the artists after.

Plan and enroll in each event of interest early, to make sure you get in, and avail of early bird discounts.

Please see the detailed schedule for  all the exciting events that are part of the festival, and to sign up. Sign up soon, as workshops sold out last year. For those traveling to Seattle, please see lodging information provided.

We are grateful to our partnership with Cornish College of the Arts, which makes many of the Dhrupad Days 2014 events possible.

For questions/more information about Dhrupad Days, please contact Vibhavaree Gargeya at 206-491-4578


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