Dhrupad Days 2014 was held in Seattle from May 24-May 30. Here is the summary in press features, pictures, videos, ragas, taalas and testimonials:


Master musicians from India at Cornish Playhouse – Seattle Times
Gundecha Brothers – The Spice Route, 5/28/2014



Working on a Composition – Memorial Day Weekend Workshop

Gurbani and Dhrupad

Gurbani & Dhrupad – Talk

Alap and Shabad


Ragas, Taalas, Compositions

Here are the ragas, taalas and compositions learned by those attending the various workshops that were a part of Dhrupad Days 2014:

Raga Kirvani – “Shankara Pralayankara”, Brihma Tala
Raga Shiva Ranjani – “Sandhya Sanjivani”, Sool Tala
Raga Bageshri – “Aye Raghuveera dheera”, Chau Tala
Raga Madmadsarang – “Tuma Rab tuma Saheba” Sool Tala
Raga Ahir Bhairav – “Shabda prathama Omkara” Chau Tala



Parmjeet Singh
These are some of the best days of my life. Had a great first day of ‘Dhrpad Days’ workshop at Cornish College of the Arts. Truly honored and thankful to Pandit Ramakant Gundecha Ji for all the time, effort and patience.
He is a phenomenal teacher.
My heartiest thanks to Dhrupad Music Institute of America and of course Vibhavaree Gargeya for organizing this.
“You are all teachers somewhere” Says Ramakant ji. I am constantly learning from you, responding with different techniques to your different difficulties.

Dr. Balakrishna Haridas
To me, learning from Pandijti’s was a truly memorable experience.  Every note, microtone, and subtle meend, shruti, and gamaks presented and taught by Ramakantji for the raags we learnt was mesmerizing and gave us a new appreciation for dhrupad alap.  The highlights for me were the exposition on differences between Madhmad Sarang and Megh, the importance and beauty of the andolan on the gandhar in Bihag, and a beautiful presentation of the subtle differences between Marwa, Sohini and Puriya.  As my son, Ishwar who also attended the workshop said, we got bored during  the breaks and were constantly waiting to get back into the workshop to learn more from Panditji.  Needless to say, we hope to continue to learn from the Gundechas in the coming years.

Neha Admal
I had no exposure to music and Dhrupad workshop was the best introduction to music that I could have asked for. I enjoyed it a lot. After coming back from workshop, I kept listening to several Dhrupad videos on youtube, listening to them, energizes me. My gratitude and wishes to Gundecha brothers for making this happen in Seattle and thanks to Vibhavaree for introducing me to Dhrupad. I’m looking forward to participate in any practice sessions in Seattle.

After attending this workshop, I no longer wonder why when asked, so many people said that it was listening to the Gundecha Brothers that made them interested in Dhrupad music.  I found that the Brothers are not only wonderful performers but also equally wonderful teachers. Whether through  vocal exercises, exploring ragas, singing alaaps or simply asking questions, I think anyone can find something valuable to take away from the experience.



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