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Dhrupad on the Cello



Soul of Sound



Dhrupad Days

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Subject: Dhrupad Days 2014

** Dhrupad Music Institute of America presents Dhrupad Days 2014**

In this second annual Dhrupad Days, we are pleased to present workshops, concerts, and sightseeing opportunities, followed by a grand finale “Soul of Sound” concert by Padmashri Gundecha Brothers. Smt. Nancy Lesh Kulkarni will present a dhrupad cello concert and the workshops will be lead by Gundecha Brothers. Join us in Seattle for a week long festival starting on Memorial Day weekend.

The festival offers pakhawaj and singing workshops. Instrumentalists are also welcome. Padmashri Gundecha Brothers are world renowned for being superb artists as well as teachers. These workshops, taught by them are a “not to be missed” opportunity for musicians of all backgrounds and beginners alike.

Planning your attendance
The festival is split into three sections – Memorial Day Weekend, 3 days following Memorial Day, and Finale Friday. Do plan to attend all three. But, if time is tight, those attending workshops over Memorial Day Weekend have the privilege of attending Nancy-ji’s concert. Those attending workshops over 3 days following Memorial Day, have very nice sightseeing opportunities. And, those coming just for Finale Friday have the privilege of attending Gundecha Brothers “Soul of Sound” concert, at Cornish Playhouse (pictured below) as well as dinner with the artists after. Plan and enroll in workshops/purchase tickets early, to make sure you get in.

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