Dhrupad Days 2015 was held in Seattle from May 13-May 17. Here is the summary in press features, pictures, videos, ragas, taalas and testimonials:


Cornish College News – “Black Box and Dhrupad Days Lead Off Busy Cornish Festival Season

A few brief highlights of Dhrupad Days were aired on TV Asia, Community Roundup – May 24th, 2015 at 10:30pm (ET) and repeated for West Coast viewers at 11:30pm (PT).



Workshop Glimpses


Vocal concert by Pandit Uday Bhawalkar – Excerpts

Dhrupad Days 2015: Sound in Unison – Excerpts


Ragas, Taalas, Compositions

Here are the ragas, taalas and compositions learned by those attending the workshops that were a part of Dhrupad Days 2015:

Raga Saraswati – “Sharada Ma”, Tivra Tala
Raga Shiva Charukeshi – “Jhini Jhini”, Sool Tala
Raga Chandrakaunsa- “Tum Ho Naad Sakal”, Sool Tala
Raga Shrutivardhani – “Prati Jana Ko Karo Safal” Chau Tala
Raga Bhairav – “Jiu Rama Rakhe” Sadara



Amie Maciszewski
I can’t thank you enough! It was one of the most inspiring and fun experiences I’ve had in a very Iong time! And I got so much knowledge that is invaluable to me as a performer and teacher of Hindustani classical music! I recommend Dhrupad Days unequivocally and look forward to future gatherings. All the very best!

Rebecca Gray
Dhrupad Days was an incredibly beautiful experience and rare opportunity to study with the Gundecha Brothers. I also really enjoyed getting to know the other participants. The concerts during the week were amazing. I highly recommend Dhrupad Days, I flew in from the east coast to be here this year and was so happy I did. I left feeling very inspired. Thanks so much for creating this event!

Varsha Mital
It is a rare privilege to learn Dhrupad from the Gundecha brothers and I consider myself extremely fortunate for having done so, 3 years in a row, during ‘Dhrupad Days’. The workshops are simply amazing! The material is taught in a very lucid and detailed manner, and, with great affection and patience. Even an absolute beginner can understand and learn easily. For the intermediate and advanced learners, there are always new compositions to learn and additional techniques taught for further improvement.
Dhrupad takes you to a depth of musical experience that is not just mellifluous but extremely blissful. At the end of the workshop there is a beautiful feeling of having gone through one of the most satisfying experiences of one’s life.



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