Dhrupad Days 2018

Welcome to Dhrupad Days 2018!

Dhrupad Days is DMIA’s signature annual festival, and Dhrupad Days 2018 promises to go a step deeper. Please find more information below, and not dates for locations of interest. Dates that are tentative or TBD have been labeled as such. Sign up links are not available yet. We will be happy to notify you when they are available. Please fill out this short form to be notified.

Montreal – April 23-27

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Concerts and Events:
April 23-27

Los Angeles – May 12-18

Dhrupad Days is in LA for the first time!!
In partnership with Music Circle of Southern California, we are offering two great Dhrupad experiences in Los Angeles in 2018. First a concert by Pandit Uday Bhawalkar, and a Dhrupad workshop with the world renowned, Padmashree awardees, Gundecha Brothers. Workshop will be conducted in the beautiful Chapman Woods area of Pasadena on a serene, one and half acre property with indoor and outdoor spaces available for classes and contemplation, in a true guru-shishya tradition. Classes will focus primarily on voice culture besides raga theory, composition, and tala/rhythm practice. Voice culture based on Dhrupad is a great tool for beginner to advanced serious students of music.   Several options to join the workshop with several payment options will be available.
The venue is close to many affordable inns, motels, hotels and restaurants. Its conveniently connected by many freeways, metro and several greater Los Angeles airports. For more information, please contact Rekha Garg at (626)319-2064 or Rekha.Dhrupad@gmail.com.
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Concerts and Events:
May 12: Concert by Pandit Uday Bhawalkar
May 14-18

Seattle – May 18-27

Concerts and Events

May 18-20, please visit the concert page here.

Shibir – a week-long residential immersive retreat, May 21-27

Shibir location: chateau in Chimacum, WA, nestled in 20 acres of private greens

In partnership with Prathama Nada (the practice circle associated with the DMIA Seattle Chapter), for the first time there will be there will be a Shibir in the Seattle area in May 2018, in the form of a 7-day immersive residential retreat with the esteemed Padmashri Gundecha Brothers. The Shibir will be held in the lap of nature in the serene Pacific Northwest, with easy driving access from Seattle, as well as Vancouver and Portland. The intention of a Shibir - meaning summit – is to work in a focused and immersive way on chosen aspects of the venerable art form of Dhrupad. The residential nature of the experience follows in the Gurukul tradition, in which students co-habitate with the Gurus, and observe not only the musical practice together, but also all other life aspects of Self alignment that make for a holistic sadhana.

For registration please visit Prathama Nada’s EVENTS page, and for detailed outline of the program, please visit their SHIBIR page.


Boston – April 19-21

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Concerts and Events:
April 18(tentative):  Dhrupad vocal concert by Padmashri Gundecha Brothers
April 19-21

Wayne – June 1-4

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Concerts, events and workshops will all be offered during the June 1-4 time period. When the detailed schedule is available, we will link it here.



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