Programs & Services

Key programs and services provided by DMIA in working on its mission:

Dhrupad Days

Please see Dhrupad Days pages.


DMIA offers Dhrupad study programs and opportunities as listed here.


For touring artists, and those organizing Dhrupad events, tours, concerts, or those who would like to work on Dhrupad related projects, research, learning, or Dhrupad related  productions,  do consider applying to us for support.  DMIA can make small grants for concert tours, and worthy projects, depending on current finances.  To apply, please send details of your tour or project to us.

Advertising support

For those organizing Dhrupad events, we are happy to advertise your Dhrupad or Indian Classical music related event on our Facebook page. Please send details of your event to us. All advertising is subject to approval.

Organizational and other resources

Do write to us to also inquire about non-monetary assistance for your Dhrupad related project. We may be able to provide limited assistance, depending on your need.


Do you have a special event – a significant birthday, wedding, graduation or other special event that you would like to celebrate with a Dhrupad performance? Or,  do you belong to a music organization or college that would like to present a Dhrupad concert or workshop? Please do reach out to us.  DMIA has ties to several artists, and can help identify an artist suitable to your event.

Information resources and databases

On our website, you can find information about Dhrupad, its practitioners and supporters.  We would like to grow the resources we provide by building databases of artists, recordings, and Dhrupad related organizations.

Building communities

Above all, DMIA’s forums are a gathering place for Drupadiyas -  artists, aficionados, fans and supporters. This is one of the most important  services we provide in propagating and promoting Dhrupad.



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