Campaign 2014

Welcome to our fundraising Campaign 2014 page. Dhrupad Music Institute of America, like most arts organizations needs your support to continue our festivals, concerts, teaching, programming and resource building. We are grateful for your support.

To donate, please go to the donation page.

Campaign 2014 is a primarily electronic fund raising campaign running from March 1 through May 31. For this campaign, we will send 5 e-mails  (bold means, they have already been sent):

In March, messaging advertising start of Campaign 2014
Messaging in April with an update and a reminder to donate
Messaging in May with a second update and reminder to donate
A final, last reminder a few days before May 31
An update in June (actual was July) with the results of Campaign 2014

The goal for Campaign 2014 is to raise $5,000. Please donate generously. You are welcome to donate to DMIA at any time. Being part of Campaign 2014 means you have an additional option of having your name gratefully listed here, and participating in our drive.

We are grateful to the following for donating to Campaign 2014. Together, we raised $6,401 beating the goal of $5,000.
Thank you!!!

The Silver Foundation
Jay and Premila Mussells
Mahendra and Vandana Jani
Promodh and Maya Malhotra
Joan Lichterman
Ramesh and Shanta Gangolli
Pradeep and Prachi Bhatter
Steven Gorn
Ramesh & Bharati Doshi
Shubha Sankaran and Dr. Brian Q. Silver
Ravi & Shruti Singh
Satish Bhatia
Neeraj Negi
Rohit Singh
Gundecha Brothers
Vibhavaree Gargeya & Dr. Kenneth E. Miller

Our gratitude to Risk Management Solutions  for providing a matching donation.

We are also grateful to donors who have donated through the rest of the year to DMIA. You make it possible!!


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