Campaign 2013

Campaign 2013 closed with $3,612 raised. We are grateful to all who donated and supported the campaign. DMIA welcomes donations through the year. Please visit the donation page for more information.

Our deep gratitude to the following for donating during Campaign 2013:
- Biju Rao
- Anonymous-5
- Kathy Wilmering (Dhrupad Days)
- Andrew Boyd (Dhrupad Days)
- Terry Vandiver (Dhrupad Days)
- Ravi and Shruti Singh
- Christiane Rey and Dennis Luxion
- Dr. Krishan K. Chawla
- Dr. Narendra Parsons
- David Raphael Israel (Dhrupad Days)
- Anonymous-4
- Anonymous-3 (Dhrupad Days)
- Ganesh Manika (Dhrupad Days)
- Shubha Sankaran and Dr. Brian Q. Silver
- Anonymous-2
- Dr. Kenneth E. Miller and Vibhavaree Gargeya (Dhrupad Days)
- Anonymous-1 (Dhrupad Days)


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