The Dhrupad Music of America, a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit organization, was founded to promote, propagate, encourage, and support the performance and teaching of the oldest form of Indian classical music, known as Dhrupad, both vocal and instrumental (on such instruments as the pakhawaj, rudra vina, and surbahar in particular, as well as other instruments), in order to increase public awareness and knowledge of Dhrupad music in the United States.

Dhrupad is an ancient style of Indian classical music. The nature of Dhrupad is spiritual; seeking not to entertain, but to induce feelings of peace and contemplation in the listener. The word Dhrupad is derived from "Dhruva", the steadfast North Star (Polaris) and "pada" meaning poetry. It is a form of music that traces its origin to chanting of the ancient text of Sama Veda. From this early chanting, millenniums ago, Dhrupad evolved into the sophisticated classical form of music, that it is today.

Dhrupad has waxed and waned in popularity over the centuries, and is currently gaining a strong following. Its steadfast, precise, unhurried and improvisational nature is attracting audiences all over the world.

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    New World Dhrupad -Tour

    Sri Branan Dubh is a senior vocal disciple of Padmashree Gundecha Brothers, with over 12 years of dedicated taalim.  He will be touring with Dr. Payton MacDonald, an up-and-coming Dhrupad singer and jori drummer, also a disciple of the Gundecha Brothers.  The New World Dhrupad Tour will feature several concerts, primarily in the east coast [...]

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  • Campaign 2015_med
    Campaign 2015

    DMIA’s fund raising campaign, Campaign 2015 will run from Labor Day to Thanksgiving. We kindly request all patrons to donate generously. Donation information is available at –

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  • Dhrupad_Bhakti
    Dhrupad Bhakti

    Padmashree Gundecha Brothers are touring the west coast of the United States in September 2015. The main event of their tour is the Dhrupad Bhakti  ( music festival in Seattle. Please see Padmashree Gundecha Brothers performance calendar ( for other events during the tour.

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    Welcome to the Seattle chapter page.  Find information about our main activities below. Shadaj Series   Shadaj is a series of musical get-togethers. These get-togethers can be concerts, lectures, or group singing. The content will evolve depending on where the participating community would like to take it. We welcome you to attend Shadaj Series events. [...]

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